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No Deforestation | No Peat | No Exploitation Policy

No Deforestation

* To conduct the assessment of High Carbon Stock (HCS) and High Conservation Value (HCV).

* No open burning.

* To preserve and conserve the ecosystem.

No Peat

* To avoid new development on peatlands.

* Adhere to Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO).

* To prohibit any kind of wildlife hunting and fishing activities.

No Exploitation

* To comply with all the laws/regulations regarding workers.

* To recognize, respect and support all human rights.

* To respect the rights of various indigenous communities.

Conservation Initiatives Under NDPE's Policy


Merapoh, Mukim Batu Yon, Kuala Lipis
Area: 202 Ha.


Kampung Tanjung, Mukim Bebar, Pekan
Area: 103 Ha.

MSPO Policies (Related To NDPE)
Implemented By Our Group:

Forest Conservation Project at Paya Bungor, Pahang, Malaysia

PKPP has started this conservation project from 2017, with the co-operation of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Pahang Branch (Researcher) and have published two books:-

1.The Book of Paya Bungor (click here).

This book featuring a variety of indigenous plants and herbs that can be found at Paya Bungor. These plants have many benefits which have potential to cure various diseases.

2.63 Medicational Plants At Paya Bungor
(click here).

This book featuring 63 medicinal plants that can be found at Paya Bungor.

Project's Website

The Project Of Paya Bungor, Pahang, Malaysia