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No Deforestation | No Peat | No Exploitation Policy

No Deforestation

* To conduct the assessment of High Carbon Stock (HCS) and High Conservation Value (HCV).

* No open burning.

* To preserve and conserve the ecosystem.

No Peat

* To avoid new development on peatlands.

* Adhere to Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO).

* To prohibit any kind of wildlife hunting and fishing activities.

No Exploitation

* To comply with all the laws/regulations regarding workers.

* To recognize, respect and support all human rights.

* To respect the rights of various indigenous communities.

Conservation Initiatives Under NDPE's Policy


Merapoh, Mukim Batu Yon, Kuala Lipis
Area: 202 Ha.


Kampung Tanjung, Mukim Bebar, Pekan
Area: 103 Ha.

MSPO Policies (Related To NDPE)
Implemented By Our Group:

Forest Conservation Project at Paya Bungor, Pahang, Malaysia

PKPP has started this conservation project from 2017, with the co-operation of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Pahang Branch (Researcher)

The Project Of Paya Bungor, Pahang, Malaysia