Compliance With The Laws And Regulations  |  Human Resource Development  |  Employer-Employee Engagement

Compliance With The Laws And Regulations

PKPP is committed at ensuring the compliance of all the laws/regulations regarding workers / employees such as Employment ACT 1955 (ACT 265), Human Rights Commission of Malaysia ACT 1999 (ACT 597), Occupational Safety and Health ACT of Malaysia 1994 (ACT 514), Labour Laws and other relevant laws and regulations.

Human Resource Development

PKPP acknowledges the importance of workers and employees as the primary asset of any organizations/companies. Therefore, PKPP always put human resource development as one of the integral parts of our operation. We are also committed at ensuring that all workers/employees do adhere to the work-SOPs which is in-line with the adherence of PKPP Group NDPE Policy.

Employer-Employee Engagement

PKPP always practices two-way communication between the employer and employees, this is to ensure all complaints/conflicts can be address and resolve through open, transparent, and consultative measures. This would also initiate the creation and development of new ideas which can promote business growth.