Respecting the Indigenous Community’s Rights  |  Amenities and Facilities Provided  |  Involvement of Smallholders Through Various Schemes


Started From 1971 Paris

At the beginning of our establishment, PKPP (Previously known as LKPP) has involved in the opening of estates in areas explored by the Department of Agriculture. This marked the commencement of the PKPP social responsibility / obligation with the establishment of various settlements and villages.

As of now, there are over 12,000 households involved under PKPP social responsibility / obligation that are located throughout the State of Pahang.

PKPP Social Responsibility/Obligation.

Respecting the Indigenous Community’s Rights

PKPP committed at respecting the rights of various indigenous communities as stipulated by the law which also includes ensuring there will be no form of violations or any kind of exploitation towards the community.

PKPP was also instructed by the state goverment to develop the Project of Indigenous Community Resettlement at Sg. Bilut, Raub, Pahang.

Amenities and Facilities Provided

Throughout the decades, PKPP has been developing numerous settlements and villages under our social responsibility / obligations projects which include amenities and facilities; infrastructure projects and etc.

Involvement of Smallholders Through Various Schemes

Ever since the establishment of our social projects, PKPP has been partnering with selected communities in the area throughout Pahang to assist in the development of oil palm plantations. PKPP has advanced the development cost of all schemes and managed the schemes at the best of our efforts. On top of that, in some selected schemes, PKPP managed to provide monetary assistance to the comunities involved on monthly basis.

Public/Stakeholders Engagement Program.