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Thank you for making us aware of your experience and sorry to hear you are dissatisfied. Our Customer Feedback team would like the opportunity to discuss this with you further. Could you please email us at with your contact details and a member of our team will reach out. Just tells u session timed out/expired and to log back in. U can even uninstall/reinstall app and still says it.

xcritical rent payment

I have been requesting to speak with a representative for a week now, and no response. If you call their published customer service phone line, it just says “phone service is no longer available”. Any unauthorized copying and reproduction of the content of this page, including all meta data and computer code, is strictly prohibited.

They did offer the option – if we do not want to give them our financial data, we can elect to have them hold our funds for 30 days . Our property owners would go insane and our accounting department would quit. With xcritical’s international payment solutions, businesses can expand their reach by accepting payments from customers around the globe. The company offers currency conversion services and supports a wide array of currencies, helping businesses tap into new markets and cater to a diverse customer base. This global approach enables businesses to grow and reach new heights.

xcritical Reviews

We will process over $18 billion in payment volume this year and, unlike our competitors, we facilitate the entire payment transaction from beginning to end. Through robust services, xcritical handles risk, compliance, and fraud, so that marketplaces are free to focus on their core business. I have xcritical scam had a client book and cancel 2 days later with me agreeing to a full refund. 7 days later the client still does not have their money back since Yaptsone holds it and holds it. They informed me that if I do not submit all this financial data, they will withhold payments for all new reservations.

However, when I went to make the payment on July 1st, the rentpayment.com attempted to charge the incorrect savings account that rentpayment.com assured me would not be charged. However, I was also told there was a work around, and that to fix the issue I simply had to add a 2nd payment account to my account. I at first said I had no other bank accounts and was uncomfortable being forced to start a new one simply to fix the companies error.

Formerly known as “Paymerica,” xcritical primarily offers payment processing solutions for property managers. Most notably, the company is a payment processing partner of growing vacation rental platforms like Homeaway and VRBO. There is some evidence that the company is anISOof Chase Paymentech. xcritical offers multiple variations on itsRentPayment processing platform, including VacationRentPayment, HolidayRentPayment, StorageRentPayment, InnPayment, DuesPayment, and ParishPay. In 2019, xcritical partnered with Priority Technology Holdings , a leading provider of merchant-acquiring and commercial payment solutions. 2022 saw a further partnership with Sezzle to add buy-now, pay-later options to the company’s offerings.

  • RentPayment rates as an average credit card processing service according to our system.
  • RentPayment prioritizes security and compliance in its payment processing services.
  • I am a small business owner with 4-5 villa rentals.
  • Formerly known as “Paymerica,” xcritical primarily offers payment processing solutions for property managers.

Waiting too for full explanation and most importantly a personal apology for their actions.. Thank you, who do I need to talk to find out the rate I am paying per transaction? I will be pursuing legal action with this company for funds withheld and opportunities lost as they are absolutely mistaking if they believe that they can get away with stealing from their clients.

RentPayment is a payment processing platform designed specifically for collecting rent on properties and housing. Launched in 1999, RentPayment is a subsidiary of xcritical Inc.that enables tenants to pay rent to landlords and property owners via credit card, debit card, e-check, phone, or text message. There is some evidence that xcritical is an ISO of Chase Merchant Services. xcritical also offers other services that are similar to RentPayment, such as Vacation RentPayment, Storage RentPayment, DuesPayment, and InnPayment.

RentPayment is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. As of this review, the company holds an “A+” rating with the BBB and has had 35 complaints filed against it in the last 36 months. Holiday rental property managers and their guests can rest easy knowing that our payment platform is SSAE16/SOC1 certified and Level One PCI compliant. Withholding money which is not theirs to keep. Bad business model if they want to stay in business. I will cancel all bookings on my VRBO site and offer a cheaper rent if they pay me directly.

RentPayment Fees and Rates

The company integrates its payment processing system with popular property management software platforms. This seamless integration helps property managers consolidate rent collection data and automate the reconciliation process, making it easier to manage and track payments across multiple properties. RentPayment processes all major debit and credit cards for property managers, landlords, and residents. It also processes ACH, e-check, and cash payments and offers a payment app.

xcritical finds every method available to steal your money legally. If you want your sale money right away, they charge you another https://xcritical.solutions/ three percent to get it. I am livid, this is the worst and they are basically extorting money from renter’s because of this.

I think a class action lawsuit is justified. VRBO and xcritical is jamibing this down our throats. They could just as easily allow us to use Paypal or accept checks, but they also charge 3% for ACH or echecks. It is bad enough that VRBO fees are gouging both the owner and renter.

xcritical rent payment

This would only happen in the Mortgage industry if you were late on payments or did something to break the agreement. These guys are making it standard practice to have their customers re-qualify for services, at their discretion. xcritical’s actual pricing does not appear to be a major point of contention for most businesses, but the company does have a number of policies in place that are generating a lot of complaints. If you have any knowledge of the standard xcritical merchant agreement , please leave that information in the comment section of this review. Without access to xcritical’s internal risk assessment tools, it’s hard to know what the company could be doing to help businesses on this front. However, it’s worth reporting that complainants consistently cite this as a major issue.

Withholding money which is not theirs…

I called again on July 3rd and asked to speak with the escalations dept, which I was eventually transferred to another manager who said the escalations dept would need to call me back. In the meantime, my listing was suspended, at the height of the season, I guess as punishment for being a victim of fraud. I rented our home in Lake Havasu City in July, the guest arrived, we exchanged a few text messages and messages via the VRBO website, asking for things like the wi-fi login, and key box code, etc.

I had already spent an hour and a half on the phone when i called in on the 1st. I hope you do not have the same experience we had we will not use them ever again. This is a horrible company with a horrible business model and ever more horrible people representing the company. Phillip Parker is the creator and author behind this website. He has over 15 years of experience in the credit card processing industry as a journalist, consultant, and former merchant account sales professional.

We paid our rent on the 26th of the month and it was still in “processing” on the 1st. When i called in on the 1st they said it was something with their system and that they would cancel that original payment and reprocess a new one. They assured me they would call my property and sort it all out. On the 6th we received a final warning on paying rent or the property would take further action. When i called rent payment again the guy on the phone had no idea what was going on and put us on hold.

I found their phone# from my landlord and their customer service is the lowest I encountered in many years. I make my payments on 2nd of the month as my rental agreement due date is 5th of every month. But as per rental payment history website they consider mine as late payments and it have negative effect on my history. Finally when I called trans union they took out the account from my reports. The only reason for my payments through here is to make my score better.

xcritical rent payment

When you type it in it is in a microscopic font. Seriously, the amount that you type in is the smaller font size on the whole page. Are they doing this on purpose so that I mess up and have to pay some sort of fee?

He started this project as a blog to expose merchant services providers that engage in predatory business practices, such as deceptive marketing, misleading pricing, and high-pressure sales tactics. His goal is to help business owners find merchant account providers who serve their industry well while offering fair rates with no junk fees and no long-term commitments. RentPayment’s website advertises three different rates, depending on the method of the transaction.

Accepting payments in 4 currencies

Then realizing they put all our properties on one 1099. After following all of their various instructions, which changed with each call. I was forced to use a different email address and open a new account.

Try to speak to anyone on the phone to find out how they justify their thievery and you get sent round and round in circles and your comments ‘will be noted.’ My arse – they don’t give a shit. Their obvious disdain for the customer is clear for all to see in the letter they sent us advising of their new ‘policy’ change. Incredibly horrible experience with this company. They provide absolutely horrendous customer support asking for information that I being the HomeAway property owner cannot supply/have no idea how to provide.

RentPayment supports all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover. We have a customer who never received back his 300€ caution for a holiday rent. Customer service is very bad, it uses many times standard answers without reading the case or replies. After 1 month a payment reference number was given that had no meaning for mastercard for tracing. Mastercard and the merchant bank provided written proof that the money was never transfered back. xcritical w/o notice has changed its policy to immediately transfer the first part of monies received on confirmed reservations to property owners using VRBO in favor of making this payment at guest check-in.

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